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Our decentralized marketplace brings you the FREEDOM in online marketplaces, a platform with a high level of community organization and intelligent allocation of resources. Martkist brings you to the real world of decentralized anarchy.

Characterized by efficient community organization via our masternode governance system, a long-term goal of using the sha256 proof of work mining algorithm. All this is supported by the new Z-DAG protocol, which gives our network a high throughput (TPS) across all its services and products.

about us


10 Years Supply

Our Rewards

Super Blocks
10% Super block rewards

Super blocks asigned for budget proposals voting, main focus on development, marketing And community bounties.

20% Rewards MN

Rewards for masternode owners for each block, 18,000 MARTK require to run a masternode on the martkist network.

70% reward per block

sha 256 Miners rewards per block a total of 70% of each block to all miners in the martkist network.


Max Supply


Mn Locked Supply




proposal voting



Short Term Q1 Launch


Mid Term Q2

Decentralize Anarchy

The vision of a decentralize anarchy is freedom, community organization and the intelligent allocation of resources.

Wallet Downloads

Windows Qt Wallet

  • Win 64 bit
  • win 32 bit
    • DesktopMarket soon

    Mac OS Qt Wallet

  • Osx 64 bit
  • Osx Dmg
    • DesktopMarket soon

    Linux QT Wallet

  • Tar. gz
  • Docker hub
    • DesktopMarket soon

    Coin Specification

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    Coin specification

    All official specification about Martkist

    Martkist ( MARTK )

    Algorithm: Sha256

    Ticker: MARTK

    Block time: 60 seconds

    Block size: 6mb

    Difficulty: adjusted every 3 blocks

    Block confirmations: 32 blocks

    Transaction confirmations: 6 blocks

    Max supply: 37 millon

    Masternodes: 18,000 MARTK Collateral

    Masternodes rewards: 20% of minted blocks

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    Martkist Wrapped Ethereum ERC20 Token Information

    All official specification about Martkist Wrapped token (ERC20)

    Wrapped Martkist ( WMARTK )

    Symbol: WMARTK

    Decimals: 8

    Contract: 0x1cD68Ea0565Cd23DCC144c7e695968eDCA54ff04

    Max supply: 37 millon

    EMail : info@martkist.org

    Discord : Morpheus#9310

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